Mazurka Red - Cotes de Provence
Domaine de l'Anticaille

Mazurka Red - Cotes de Provence

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The farmers from Trets village used to meet to celebrate the end of the harvest and dance “l’Anticaille” farandole in the crushing place which still exists today. This dance from Provence has given its name to the domain. To celebrate the history of the domain, each cuvee of the chateau is named after a dance.

Location: Trets 

Tasting Notes: This wine has a purple color with garnet-colored hints, it has a mellow attack, in mouth it is powerful with aromas of red fruits and spices and a touch of iodine and dry grass

Pairing: White and red meats, spicy food and Mediterranean dishes, light cheeses

Grape varieties planted: Syrah, Grenache

Soils: Limestone

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