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Are you looking for a little structure in your life? A bit of stability to put a smile on your face? Boy oh boy are you in luck. This Petite isn’t petite at all, but where there is powerful backbone there is also nuance. Juliana is a très cool vineyard because of the huge diurnal shifts we reach during the growing season. In summer it gets above 100* during the day, and plummets to the mid 40s in the evening. Because of these high temperatures, the vines shut down for a large portion of the day granting us some extended ripening time. The soil here on the Pope Valley floor is sandy Rutherford alluvial fan. Because of Petite Sirah’s inherent boldness, we handle this bad boy with kid gloves. Think Gentle with a capital G. We pick early to retain acidity, then fully destem and only punch down once per day. Pressing happens at around 12 brix, for us meaning the Petite is only on skins for five days. Is purple berry a fruit? If it were, it would be a combination of purple skittles, plums, and blueberries which this wine is chock full of. Round it all out with a bit of cocoa and the garden center of Home Depot. Drink now or hold through 2030, preferably at cellar temp.


Always minimal Sulfites added.

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