Winemaking family since 1920, I personally have known the Mosny family and enjoyed their wines for many years. Domaine Mosny is the quintessential “vin de mes amis”: whenever I visit my parents, you can be sure there will be a bottle of Les Graviers in the fridge. Thierry manages the property since 2005, and already is getting his son ready to take over whenever time will come.

Upstream from Tours, in the area between the Loire River and the Cher River, at the meeting point of the two valleys, the wine-growing area of Montlouis-sur-Loire, St Martin-le-Beau and Lussault-sur-Loire. 

Most of the plots of land are on gentle, south-facing slopes. They benefit from the oceanic influence and the famous Loire micro-climate. 

The only varietal used in the Domaine is Chenin, which allows multiple interpretations of the Montlouis-sur-Loire appellation, which exists only in white: dry, semi-dry, mellow, syrupy and lightly sparkling.