A family estate for 7 generations located in Courthezon in the Rhone Valley between Orange and Avignon.

Back to the 70’s, Martine and Michel Chouvet were working as farmers, they have been sharing the same love for their lands and developed a passion for vines and wines, therefore in 1989, they built their first vinification cellar to make their own wines, now the vineyards spread over 45 hectares on 8 towns.

Since 1996, their daughter Helene who is an oenologist joined the team and in 2008 she started a transition to organic farming. The first organic wine came out in 2011.

Helene was encouraged by her father during this transition due to his experience and his common sense.

Helene works closely with the winemaker Agathe Lauziere to make elegant wines, both work carefully by respecting the terroir.