More than a garden … a property managed like a garden
(Pierre Brunot)


Clos La Petite Croix is property created in 1956 by the grandfather of the current master of the place, Pierre Brunot. It also is the smallest vineyard of Lalande-De-Pomerol. Personal friend, young winemaker double cap trader and grower Pierre bathed from a young age in the world of wine. Spending his vacation in the vineyard (Clos La Petite Croix) of his grandfather to watch winemaking and help him in his work.

With the aim of making Clos La Petite Croix a famous name on the right coast of the Garonne River. For this he surrounded himself with some of the most prestigious names such as Bordeaux Emmanuel Villega (recommended from the Château Cheval Blanc and Château La Dominique).

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