Discover our Champagnes from Champagne Benoit Cocteaux

Hélène and Benoît COCTEAUX are both wine growers and wine producers. From their estate, settled in the South of Epernay, the capital town of the Champagne region, they draw off a solar Chardonnay : fruity, soft and round. They are both strongly attached to the family production and to the quality and special skills which the independent Winemakers Confederation they belong to are famous for. The Cocteaux Champagne House is also a man-sized estate, whose priority is to satisfy their customers in search of a pleasurable champagne.

Benoît's great-grandfather is from Avenay Val d'Or and Aÿ, the birhplace of the champagne region where he worked, and after him the following generations. Eugène Cocteaux, his grand- father moved to settle in a village located in the south of « les Coteaux d'Epernay », Montgenost, where he was born. He passed his vineyard on to his daughter and to his son Michel Cocteaux who in turn became a winegrower and wine producer. From his youngest years, Benoît took part in the making of the family champagne. He immediately fell in love with the job and studied at the Lycée viticole in Avize. He was first employed by his father and also became a winegrower and wive producer. His first harvest declaration was in 1966 with the Grande Réserve Chardonnay « our Blanc de Blancs aged in cellars for 3 years ».

Both of Hélène's parents, Luc Bourmault and Isabelle Rivière, come from families of winegrowers. They inherited the vineyard from their respective winegrowers line, in the villages of Saudoy, Barbonne-Fayel, Cramant and Cuis. Hélène was raised in Saudoy, in the Coteaux Sézannais of La Côte des Blancs. After having finished business studies then a year spent in the USA, she worked in the tourist industry. When they met in 2003, Hélène and Benoît subsequently created their own brand of champagne : « this is where both of our wine-producing heritages happened to meet : our origins, our knowledge of the wine producing region, south of the Côte des Blancs and our identity as wine-growers and producers ».