Wine has given me everything.
It has taught me patience and the desire to achieve excellence.
I want all my vineyards to offer beauty and rarity.
A dreamlike quality, a promise of pleasure and emotion.
I also want my wines to be the embodiment of History.
I will always be in the service of their charme and mystery.”
— Bernard Magrez

Bernard Magrez is the only owner of 4 Grand Crus Classes in Bordeaux and additionally owns 40 vineyards in 9 countries.

Iconoclast self-made man, recognized in the wine world as a modern visionary. 

“The best wines are made in the vineyard, where the winemaker can follow the development throughout the year. We only sell wines that are grown in our own vineyards, and all of them come with my name on the bottle to show this.”

H Wines is the exclusive importer of Bernard Magrez Vignobles in WA.

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