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Chianti Clasico Riserva - 2013

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The purple red with storage potential

Monia and Franco Piccini agree: only the conscientious manual harvest and selection can guarantee the high quality they expect from their wines. Since the 2012 vintage, only Sangiovese grapes have been used for the Riserva - these are first placed in steel tanks for 21 days for vinification and then matured in oak barrels with a capacity of 1,000 litres for two more years. This is followed by at least another six months of ageing in the bottle. In this way, a fruity bouquet of plums and - depending on the vintage - various dark berries develops with the unmistakable, gentle touch of oak wood. On the outside, the Riserva presents itself in a clear purple red in the glass with slight nuances of garnet red - some vintages even in a very dark red. And on the palate: well structured, harmonious, fresh, elegant and lasting in the finish. About 3,000 to 5,000 bottles from the Riserva are bottled per year - and the best thing to do is to stock some of them, as this wine is suitable for storage for up to 20 years.

Il Palagio di Panzano - a dream vineyard in Chianti Classico

In the heart of Chianti Classico lies the Azienda Agricola Il Palagio di Panzano. Monia Piccini took over the property from her father a few years ago, just a few kilometres from Greve in Chianti. Siena and Florence are also only a stone throw away. Today Monia and her husband Franco run the winery - both were born and raised in Panzano, so they are what we call "Panzanesi". The two Sangiovese and Merlot grapes are cultivated on around eight hectares of vineyards, which extend over the best sites in the famous Conca d’Oro, in the golden valley of Panzano. Sangiovese is the leading variety in Il Palagio di Panzano. The special geographical position in the valley ensures that the vines are pampered by the sun during the day and can relax in the coolness of the night. And the 1,200 olive trees, whose fruits are used to make a fruity, spicy olive oil.

Welcome to Italy’s organic district: 100 per cent organic, 100 per cent Panzano

About 20 years ago the winegrowers in and around Panzano joined together to form the "Unione di Viticoltori di Panzano". One of the Unione’s concerns: the establishment of biological and sustainable management of wineries. And the most winegrowers are doing that. Because only in this way, according to the same principles is possible at long term to maintain the quality and tradition of the wines. In recent years, the small town of Panzano, to which the ‘Azienda Agricola Il Palagio di Panzano’ belongs, has become a true ‘organic district’. The areas of Monia and Franco are also certified organic - officially since the 2013 vintage - but they have been committed to sustainable cultivation since 2007. The result are excellent red wines, all of which are organic. Il Palagio’s range includes a light Chianti Classico, a noble Chianti Classico Riserva, an excellent Gran Selezione "Le Bambole", a simple Ignobile and the full-bodied Torgentile. And, with the vintage 2017 - a fruity fresh Rosato as well.

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