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Chateau Laguiole - Grand Cru Series - Wine Key - Ebony Wood

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Chateau Laguiole was the first Laguiole corkscrew to be created, by French Master Sommelier Guy Vialis. The first “sommelier knife” to have adopted and adapted the ancestral handcrafting traditions and symbols of the Laguiole master cutlers, including the famous bee and the art of polishing fine handles made of precious woods and horns. It is now recognized within the best corkscrews in the world for professionals and amateurs. Chateau Laguiole corkscrews come with a membership card to be validated online, true insurance of their authenticity and the lifetime guarantee.

Grand Cru Series: the corkscrews of the Grand Cru series are crafted with 2 long beveled bolsters at both endings of the handle: a magnificent mixture of modern design & noble woods or horn.

Handle model:This specific model is made of Gaboon Ebony (Diospyros Crassiflora), one of the world darkest and heaviest wood. Since Ancient Egypt, Ebony has been used to create luxury pieces of art and cabinets. It is today an endangered species, extremely protected and thus very expensive. The metal parts are brushed to make a clear distinction with Grand Cru black horn, shiny finish.

We recommend: Never wash the handle with water. Water will damage the precious woods and horn. To give back its shine or clear fingerprints, we highly recommend to use a microfiber fabric.

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